Group dog walking


The Pet Nanny provides a daily group dog walking service in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.


Dogs are pack animals and thrive on the company of other dogs. Walking with a group of other dogs is not just fun and exercise for your pet, but also gives it a chance to socialise, which will make your dog less likely to become bored, lonely, noisy and destructive.


Dogs are walked off-leash whenever possible but I can walk your dog on-leash if necessary. Walks are conducted in safe surroundings and I am careful to accept only dogs that are non-aggressive to others.


All sizes and ages of pets are welcome, including puppies. I walk in all weather, so please leave a towel out so I can give your dog a quick rub down if it gets wet.


I can pick up your dog from your home or office. Clients usually entrust me with keys and alarm codes so that I can pick up and deliver your pet without the need for you to be there. Your house keys and alarm codes are treated with utmost security and confidentiality.


In-home pet care


Many pet owners prefer to have their animals cared for in their own home while they are away. Animals are often more secure and comfortable at home, and my regular visits also contribute to the security of your home.


I can visit your home daily to feed your dog, cat, fish, birds and other pets. During the visit I also refresh water, administer medications, clean out cat litter, collect mail, water your indoor plants and turn lights on and off.


I am available in all holiday periods but please call well ahead to make bookings and other arrangements.


Your house keys and alarm codes are treated with utmost security and confidentiality. References are available on request.




Pet care advisory services

I provide pet care advisory services to state and local government organisations, businesses and private homes. These services include advice on the management of companion animals on public land, and the care and management of pets in businesses, nursing homes, schools, and domestic situations.

About Robyn Smith

I have more than 30 years of experience in the care and management of companion animals. During that time I have developed a loyal clientele, many of whom have entrusted me with the care of several generations of pets.

I am a founding member and President of DAPPA Inc, the umbrella organisation for professional dog walkers and companion animal minders, founded to promote
tolerance, understanding, acceptance and care of companion animals in a crowded city environment.

References are available on request.





Charges depend on the number of pets to be cared for and the frequency of visits. Please call me on 0428 182838 to discuss your requirements.


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